Control for Water Heater (CR)  

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Product Name:
  Control for Water Heater (CR)
Product Description:
Controls for Domestic Gas Constant Temperature Water Heater
The Control for Gas Constant Temperature Water Heater is installed in a Gas Water Heater. A suitable gas air mixture ratio is obtained according to driving value of the blower and the gas PCV by the PID calculation to the parameter for example the amount of the water current, the setting temperature by the user, the launch temperature (When adopting it), and an actual flood temperature value, the flood temperature change rate, and the thermal efficiency of the Water Heater while operating. And, the flood of a necessary steady temperature can gain at the end by the thermal efficiency generated when burning in the combustion chamber.
Performance & Characteristics
1.      Rated Voltage AC220V-(50,60)HZ(-15%~+10%)
2.      Ambient Temperature
3.      The lowest operation water amount
4.      Range of flood temperature adjustment
5.      Flood temperature control accuracy
6.      Heating time
7.      Temperature stabilizing time
8.      Setting temperature deflection
9.      Temperature adjustment reaction time
10.  External breakdown reaction time
11.  Direct current Blower no stage speed adjustment
12.  Automatic ability switch
13.  Safety check, protection function, breakdown display, and buzzer warning
14.  It can be controlled by both the main display and remote control.
15.  When the water heater is different, the above-mentioned data might be unwarrantable though the above-mentioned standard becomes the main performance of the water heater.
16.  Design according to the requirement form the users is possible.

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